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livingwithscha's Journal

turning schizoaffective disorder into a blessing
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This is the mark we have to bear throughout our lives. It can be our curse or our blessing - depending on how we choose to look at it, and whether we manage to learn to live with it or not. Our world is special. We know the most glorious ecstasy and the deepest despair, the most devastating rage and the most paralysing fear. We may see divine visions and travel to realms which few others can reach, and then come back changed, cleansed of all that didn't matter and looking at the world with the wide eyes of a newly born infant.

This group was meant as a place where we can share our experiences and meet others who will understand us, because they too had been through the very same things. Posts with artwork or writing that has been inspired by the bipolar or schizoaffective experience are more than welcome, too. I hope that, by this, it can help every one of us, at least a tiny bit, to travel further down the road that leads to healing, and to learn to love ourselves for who we are. And to recognise SchA for the blessing in disguise that it can be.

Initially, this group was made for those who have oneiroid catatonia together with bipolar affective episodes, or who have atypical bipolar disorder. But people with classic bipolar disorder and/or cyclothymia, major depression, and with other kinds of schizoaffective disorders are welcome as well.

Please, no talking about mental health professionals or medications, and no writing about personal events, unless you feel it is something you really should share and get some support. And, needless to say, no flaming, abuse or personal insults. We have to respect each other first of all. Without that, this group has no purpose whatsoever.

For the sake of the safety of everyone who belongs to the group, all posts have to be friends-locked.